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Should I Buy Flowers on the First Date? Get Clarity with 5 Choices

Are you confused before going out on your first date that whether “Should I Buy Flowers on the First Date?”

Should I Buy Flowers on the First Date?

It depends on the person you are going on a first date with and their preferences. Some people might appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving flowers, while others may not be as keen on them. Well, a simple bouquet of flowers is always a welcome gift on the first date in my opinion. Flowers make a statement but, a big bouquet of roses would be too much for a first date, save that for your first anniversary.

A small bouquet of simple flowers, which say thank you for going out with me, is all you need. But, it’s always a good idea to ask the person what they would prefer or if they have any allergies before buying flowers. If you’re unsure, a simple bouquet of wildflowers or a bouquet of artificial flowers or a small potted plant can be a great option. Ultimately, the most important thing is to be considerate of the other person’s feelings and preferences.

Something like this:

How many flowers do you give on a first date?

It all depends on who you’ve invited out and, more importantly, the extent to which you know them. Fresh flowers can still be useful in the initial stages of dating (particularly around Valentine’s Day). However, there are certainly a few aspects you should think about before doing so:

Remember, many a times less numbers of flowers convey more unsaid feelings when it comes to first date. Thumb rule to remember is, love is not only blind, but also often irrational and immeasurable when it comes to quantify mundane things.

How to Gift Flower on your First Date?

Frankly speaking, when I went on my first date being a 15 years old boy and tried offering her the flowers, I got fever due to tension. Though I practiced a lot of styles before meeting her, but alas, nothing worked. Only thing that worked was my passion and love towards her! Guess what, we maintained a long-distance relationship for 12 years and after that a happily married life for last 18 years as I am sharing my experiences. So, the thumb rule is to follow your heart or as a cheat sheet try to follow the below quick tips:

The manner in which the flowers are presented is equally as important as the flowers themselves. Your first date could be of 2 types:- either you are going on a blind date where you don’t know that person previously or you are going out with someone whom you already know, but first time officially you are going out on a date with him or her. The way you will gift the flowers will vary in these 2 different situations.

To be on the safer side, wait until you’ve been on a number of dates or know him or her choices well before bringing flowers. There’ll be plenty of time later to impress her (or him) with flowers.

What Flowers Should I Give on a First Date?

The thumb rule says, either follow your heart or know your loved one’s choice well. However, below are few standard options of flowers for the first date to impress your loved ones.


if you want to express your love intents with the gift of flowers, this is the traditional option. A solitary rose is thought to represent a proclamation of love. A bouquet of two or three roses, on the other hand, conveys a distinct yet restrained message. Hope, you remember to avoid red roses on the very first date.


Colorful lilies, or even spotless white lilies, are vivid and lovely flowers to wow a date with. They are a wonderful feminine flower for the specific lady in your life. Lilies convey the feeling of passion in a fragrantly and romantic manner to you partner.


Orchids are always special, unique and refined choice for gifting on the first date to symbolize a refined blossom for a partner who is similarly as refined, unique and special to you as orchids. Orchids are always longer lasting flowers than any usual flower for your affection to cherish.


Gerberas greet your loved one with a cheerful and vibrant greeting. These upbeat flowers are an excellent gift for your first date. They are not only beautiful and vibrant, but they also last a long time when cut.


Tulip creates such a lasting romantic memory that, I still remember my 15 years old Amsterdam visit due to its tulip gardens. Tulips are the ideal spring flower for a romantic gesture. They are one of the most preferred Valentine’s Day alternatives to roses. They are a lovely flower with delicate petals and green foliage that come in a variety of stunning colors.


I strongly believe, with the perfect flowers and a romantic flourish, you should be able to win the heart of your one true love. Find the right flowers from your heart to impress the love of your life. Remember, love has only one cheat code and that’s “FOLLOWING HEART”. Best of luck for winning heart and having a romantic and trustworthy life partner.

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