What is Technical Support – Complete Guidance for all 3 Levels and Job Links

If you are interested to join technical support function and want to prepare beforehand about what is technical support, what all types of processes it has, what kinds of diversified roles are available, ideas about average salaries and associated job application links across top companies, then read this complete article very carefully. I can ensure that none of your questions will be unanswered and if any, then kindly put your queries in the post your comment box at the end of this blog.

what is technical support

What is Technical Support

Technical support is a service that provides assistance to individuals with difficulties and queries on their products, software, equipment, and systems.

What is Technical Support in BPO or Call Center

Technical support in BPO or call center is a type of business outsourcing process that handles inbound or outbound calls from or to customers or clients who need assistance with difficulties and queries on their products, software, and systems.

Technical Support Processes

Technical support processes are series of actions, which every technical support agent follows for solving the problems of the clients or end users. There are three main types of technical support processes:

Technical Support Voice Process

This is a type of technical support process which is provided over voice channels using phone calls. The communication occurs by speaking while using headsets, microphones or telephone systems between technical support agents and the customers or users.

Technical Support Non-Voice Process

It is an online tech support process that can be provided through text or other visual channels like emails, chats, web, and social media. The technical support agent interacts with the customers through texts, photos, or recordings using keyboards, mouse or screens.

Technical Support Sales Process

It is a technical support process which also involves sales and marketing. Technical support agents are not merely technical support services provider to the clients or users; but they are also involved into promotion, sale and sometimes up-selling of product, software or a system.

Technical Support Roles

The role of technical support employees is to provide technical know-how and other technological support services on behalf of the company to the customers or users of a product, software, or system. There are two main types of technical support roles:

Technical Support Engineer Role

This is a technological support position that demands advanced technology competencies and experience. Technical support engineer specializes in solving complicated, sophisticated, and specific technical problems that involve thorough examination, experimentation, and debugging. In addition, a technical support engineer could design, develop, or implement technical solutions, enhancements, or improvements of the product, software, or system.

Technical Support Executive Role

It involves providing technical support which is moderately technical in nature. A technical support executive resolves common, basic or general technical issues by providing simple, easy to follow and easy to apply solutions. Technical support executive could also educate customers on issues related to products or offer them related assistance.

Based on escalation type and difficulty level of the customer queries, there are three main levels of technical support roles:

What is Technical Support Level 1 Roles and Responsibilities

This is the first level of technical assistance, that deals with initial contact between a customer or user and the company. Technical support level 1 agents are mandated at identifying, diagnosing and solving of common, basic, or frequently raised technical issues which can easily be resolved by referring standardized procedure, script or manual. The agent may transfer the matter of concern to any other level of technical support depending on the complexity of the issue.

What is Technical Support Level 2 Roles and Responsibilities

This is level 2 of tech support that deal in escalated issues that were forwarded from the initial support platform or level 1 agents. A technical support level 2 agent identifies, diagnoses, and resolves problematic, infrequent, particular technical problems with more analysis, tests or trial-and-error procedures. Highly skilled technical support level 2 agents might as well work together with other technical support agents, engineers, and even with the developers in order to find the best solution or workaround.

What is Technical Support Level 3 Roles and Responsibilities

This refers to the level 3 i.e. highest level of technical support which solves the most difficult problems that are unsolvable by the lower tiers of tech support. Technical support level 3 agents are highly skilled agents who deal with the most intricate, rare, or unique technical problems that need special knowledge and skills. Technical support level 3 agents can also prepare the technical documentations, process, or system for the product, software or system.

Technical Support Jobs and Salary in India

In a nutshell, technical support is thriving in India as more and more companies outsource their technical support functions to India considering the availability of highly skilled cheap and qualified technical support agents. Many of such jobs exist in a growing industry or domain for providing technical support, given the increased number of customers using different products and software.

Technical support salaries and jobs in India differ according to support technicalities. They depend upon the types, levels, domain, industry or the company that offers it. Nevertheless, Glassdoor indicates that a technical support agent earns annually between ₹3,00,000 to ₹6,00,000 in India as of Nov 2023 and the average earning is ₹4,54,740. Here are some examples of technical support jobs and salary in India for some of the popular companies that hire technical support agents in India:

Technical Support Salary for Freshers

A fresher is an entry-level technical support agent with less than a year of experience in technical support. The average pay of a technical support for freshers in India is usually around ₹1,50,000 to ₹3,00,000 annually, depending upon company or place involved and/or specific skills. For instance, Glassdoor shows that a fresher technical support agent at Concentrix earns an annual average salary of ₹2,02,000 in Nov 2023.

The annual remuneration for a technical support executive in Concentrix in India ranges between ₹1,50,000 to ₹8,00,000 based on position, rank, or proficiency. As per Glassdoor, a technical support agent earns an average annual income of approximately ₹3,84,238 in Concentrix as of Nov 2023.

Concentrix is an international BPO/call center and provider of tech support for diverse clients in many kinds of industries.

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The annual salary for a technical support job in Accenture in India could vary as per the role, level or skill, and may range between ₹2,00,000 and ₹12,00,000. According to Glassdoor a technical support engineer in Accenture earns about ₹4,35,953 lakhs annually in Nov 2023. Indeed reports that a tech support executive earns on an annual basis of ₹3,02,060 as on September 2023.

Accenture is an international technological assistance and consultancy firm offering help to other companies operating in diverse sectors.

To apply for Accenture tech support job -> Click here

The annual salaries for a technical support executive in Tech Mahindra in India vary between ₹2,00,000 and ₹14,00,000 depending on the position, level and skills. For instance, as per Glassdoor, a technical support executive at Tech Mahindra earns on an average approximately ~ ₹3,60,000 per year as of Nov 2023.

Tech Mahindra is an international outfit offering technical support services to clients in diverse sectors of the economy such as IT, and Telecommunications.

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The annual salary for a technical support executive in Infosys, India, ranges from ₹2,00,000 to ₹18,00,000 depending upon the position, rank, and qualification. As per Glassdoor, the average annual pay for Technical Support Engineer in Infosys is ₹3,78,258 as of Nov 2023.

Infosys is an IT or consultancy firm offering technical assistance to several customers in a cross-section of sectors. To apply for Infosys tech support job -> Click here

The salary of a technical support in Wipro, India depends on the roles, levels and skills but ranges between ₹2 Lakhs to ₹6 Lakhs annually. Based on Glassdoor, a technical support executive in Wipro earns an average of ₹3,13,868 annually as of Nov 2023.

Wipro is one of the biggest international IT or consultancy company which offers support services to its multiple clients who are drawn from different fields and areas.

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Technical support is an important service that ensures the efficient support for any company’s product, software or system used by either users or customers. Depending on the needs and choices of end customers or users, technical support can be delivered via different channels, levels, or roles. It is a rewarding career for the technical support agents as it provides numerous opportunities, challenges, and advantages.


Q1. How can I improve my technical support skills?

Ans. Depending on your current level, role, and goals, below are some general tips that can help you enhance your technical support skills:

  • Stay updated with the latest technologies, products, software, or systems that you are supporting.
  • Practice communication to be able to explain technical concepts in simple and clear terms.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to be able to identify, diagnose, and resolve technical issues in a timely and effective manner.
  • Expand your technical knowledge by learning new skills, topics, or concepts, taking on new projects or challenges, or collaborating with other technical support agents, engineers, or developers.
  • Seek feedback from your customers, users, managers, peers, or mentors.

Q2. What are some common technical support tools?

Ans. Some common technical support tools are:

  • Help desk ticketing system: It helps support teams communicate with customers, track incoming requests, and resolve issues.
  • Knowledge base: A self-serve tool which is a collection of useful information, such as FAQs, user guides, or technical documentation, that helps customers find answers to their problems without needing to ask for help.
  • Community forums: This is a platform that allows customers to chat with each other, ask questions, share tips, or provide feedback.
  • Incident management: This is a software that helps support teams handle outages, downtime, or errors that affect the performance or availability of their products, software, or systems.
  • Video and image capture software: This is a software that helps support teams capture, edit, or share screenshots, screen recordings, or videos of their products, software, or systems.

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